Interim CFO/Controller

Not every business has—or needs— a permanent Chief Financial Officer or Controller. However, that doesn’t mean that a company doesn’t still need that strong financial leadership. Whether your company is still in its early stages, or you’re looking to make major changes and transitions, an interim CFO or Controller can be integral for ensuring no gaps are left in financial management.

What is an Interim CFO/Controller?

An interim CFO or Controller partners with the company and provides guidance to the executives concerning financial management. They are finance experts that come in, typically on a full-time basis, for a span of a few months and can help businesses with a myriad of tasks. These tasks can include assisting companies through financial crises, major transitions, sales, or merely bridging the gap between the previous CFO/Controller and a new one.

How Do I Know if I Need One?

Generally, a company will call in an interim CFO or Controller in times of crises or transition. If your business is undergoing a large executive change and numbers need to be visited—but only for a short time—it’s recommended that you choose an interim finance expert from a trusted firm.

At Atherton & Associates, LLP, our interim CFOs and Controllers are experienced and ready to provide only the most crucial financial leadership and results for businesses in any sector.