Credits & Incentives

Taxation isn’t all liabilities, and we believe our clients should be getting the most out of the credits and incentives that they are eligible for. Our team of experts actively seeks out credits and opportunities that provide our clients not only the information, but the full understanding of the benefits in addition to updates and attentive service. We’re able to work with you to find and secure federal, state, and local tax credits that are available to you.

What Tax Credits Are Available to Me?

There are a wide variety of credits and incentives. It mostly relies on a number of independent factors, but fortunately, our experts are able to asses credits opportunities based on each individual client’s situation.

Economic Development

It’s crucial to track enterprise zone program changes and provide a complete and custom analysis that takes the client’s location into account.

Incentives by Location

We make sure to analyze the incentives available in a client’s area in order to guarantee that they’re able to take advantage of as many tax incentive opportunities as possible.

Ongoing Research

In order to ensure that you’re receiving the maximum amount of credits and incentives, we make it our goal to stay informed and aware of ongoing changes to programs that will be relevant to our clients. In so many cases, tax saving opportunities can be missed if information is overlooked—but our experts conduct the proper research to provide you with the maximum refunds.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

For companies who employ workers who experience barriers to employment, the WOTC offers a reduction in federal income tax liability. We’re able to provide information from our knowledge and research that can effectively be integrated into your new hire process and allow you to attain more tax credit opportunities.

This is just a small sample of the credits and incentives that you might be able to claim. At Atherton & Associates, LLP, we strive to find all credits and incentives to benefit your business. Contact us today to find out what you’re eligible for.