Tax Structuring

The tax process often includes meticulous planning and careful execution. Some higher-income ventures might start accounting for their tax liabilities and deductions the year before. Tax structuring is yet another way in which direct and indirect tax costs can be reduced—this time with the use of efficient structure and trading arrangements.

What Does Tax Structuring Involve?

Tax structuring is focused on efficiency, and as such, focuses on the following specialized fields: international tax planning, value chain transformation, group tax-planning programs, and more. The entire goal of tax structuring is to find and utilize tax-efficient methods of obtaining profits from investments.

In fact, tax structuring should be one of the first steps in a tax-planning process for any business, publicly-traded corporation, or multinational enterprise. Through tax structuring, you can attain structural tax improvements, increase shareholder value, and be able to account for future changes in your business.

Why Consult a Specialist?

Our specialists offer close analysis of tax structuring plans for our clients, consulting and identifying problems and solutions to mitigate taxes. Tax structuring takes place in such a crucial time in the process and is a complicated but essential step.

At Atherton & Associates, LLP, with the help of our team of experts, we can help construct a plan and tax structure that’s best for your business.