“Pete has been instrumental in this significant year of growth, assisting our company with robust business processes, a software implementation and a long term strategy deployment system to help White Labs Inc. continue to grow. We will be using him in the next year to improve more of the operation.”

Chris White, CEO/Owner
White Labs Inc.

“Pete and his team came in, initially, to assist in an ERP software selection. With that success, we brought them back into LaCantina Doors to assist with a detailed process review, yielding a reorganization of the entire division and robust process improvements—helping us serve our customers more efficiently.”

Lee M., President/GM
LaCantina Doors

“Pete had the perfect manufacturing experience and understanding of CEO related duties to get us to the next level. He meshed well as part of the team and was able to rock it out. He is able to work with a diverse group of people with great success.”

Kat Small, Operations Manager
White Labs Inc.

“Eric came in at a time when turnover was high and the office morale was far from perfect. I would say that he not only helped with accounting processes, but truly helped improve the office morale. I credit this to his ability to work efficiently with a wide range of personalities. His skills are very diverse which makes it easy for him to help businesses in multiple areas. He worked diligently in moving us forward with our accounting software conversion and I believe with the wide range of skills that he has will help lead to a successful consulting practice.”

Bryan Filippi, Controller
Hancock Farmland Services, Inc.